Get the form # Description. HSA TRANSFER REQUEST HSA ACCOUNT OWNER’S NAME AND ADDRESS (Transferring HSA) CURRENT HSA. I authorize the transfer of the HSA assets in the manner described above and certify that all of the information provided by me is correct and may be relied upon . The Health Savings Transfer Request form is used to request the transfer of HSA funds at another financial institution to The HSA These instructions will assist you in completing the HSA Transfer Request form. If / H (Rev.

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Screen also provides a place for the user to manually enter information about additional loyalty cards that have not yet been included in the digital wallet. Using the electronic receipt, the user may exit the store with proof of purchase tranwfer. For example, the user may use the reallocate requewt to reallocate prior purchases that would have been better made using the imported card, coupon, offer, etc.

The user may indicate their choice by checking a box next to the discount, for example.

In some embodiments, the pay network server may store the aggregated search results, e. For example, the user may provide an input indicating a desire to replace offer In some implementations, the server may send the query to the web with rewards program database s to retrieve the rewards data In one implementation, a user may configure transaction restriction parameters via a consumer enrollment user interface.

In requset implementation, when the reallocate button is selected, the wallet application may perform optical character recognition OCR of the receipt.

The Pay Network server may verify the user’s authentication information and if verified, process the new card request The Pay Network server may parse the purchase input If there are additional transactions, e.

In one implementation, the user may combine funds from multiple sources to pay for the transaction. The user may checkout using the user’s virtual wallet app executing on the user device, hsaa may utilize a communication mechanism e. The server may provide a notification of the revenue for each URL e. Further, the pay network server may also search for additional discounts that may be available to the user, e.

The user initiates a checkout event when he or she would like to purchase a product, service, offering, or the like productfrom a merchant via a merchant online site or in the merchant’s store.

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A similar screen may also be presented to the gsa after capturing an image of a loyalty card, which can then either be automatically included in the user’s digital wallet, or can be included in the digital wallet after the user approves of the addition.

In some implementations, the locations of the user’s prior and current purchases may be provided for the user, if the user wishes seethe user can turn the indications off, in some implementations. Also, in some implementation, if a user clicks on any of the items listed on screenthe user may be taken to a screensimilar to the screen discussed above in the description with reference to FIG.

For example, a user may walk into a physical store of a merchant. In some implementations, the client may generate a purchase order message and provide, e.

The pay network server may generate aggregated transaction data records from the transaction data received from the other pay network servers, e. In some implementations, the virtual wallet application may allow the user to create wishlists that may be published online or at social networks to spread to the requesg friends.

For example, the search results may be organized according to a type, 302, description, or offers.

In a requuest of purchase controlsa user may select multiple cards for the server to determine the best payment card to use.

In another exemplary embodiment, discounts may be stackable or nonstackable across the entire contents of the shopping cart. Using the extracted fields and field values, the pay network server may generate a query, e.

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Review and pay screen may include information similar to what is shown in review and pay screenbut may also include additional information about any loyalty discounts that are being applied to the transaction. Where the modification involves a bonded wallet, the device may optionally provide a notification of modification of a setting involving the bonded wallet, For example, the user may have a closed-loop card, meaning a card that can be used with a particular merchant.

Screen shows a new card alert, and gives the user the option of adding the card’s information to the information already included in the digital wallet. In response, the EOOR may identify a profile of the user from its database, and gransfer on the profile, return potential merchants for offers or coupons:.

The pay network server may determine transfwr social networking services to search, e. The device may increment an activity counter to determine a level of user activity of the user at the URL where the browsing activity is occurring, The client may generate a purchase order message, e.

In some implementations, the user may utilize a user device, e.

In this example, the query includes a query to determine a location e. Transger the user has previously captured an image of the loyalty card, the card information may automatically be shown, or the user may be prompted to add the card information. The pay network server may generate an individual payment request, e. In some hss, the wallet device may generate a user card selection preference request message, and provide the generated user card selection preference request message to the Pay Network server, e.

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In one implementation, any sharing may be optional, and the user, who did not share the purchase via social channels, may still share the photo through one or more social channels of his or her choice directly from the history mode of the wallet application.

For example, the user may swipe a payment card at the client Based on the list of API templates, the pay network server may generate social data requests, e. More details are discussed in FIG.

In response, the transder wallet application may provide a set of replacement offersfrom which the user may choose one or more offers to replace the offer Processing of the discount information may be performed at either the user’s client device, at the pay network server, or some combination of both.

In some embodiments, when the response is received, the master pan may be substituted back in. Upon finding the code, in one implementation, the user may initiate code capture using the mobile device camera, In embodiments where the user utilizes a user wallet device, the user wallet device may provide payment information to the PoS client, formatted according to a data formatting protocol appropriate to the communication mechanism trransfer in the communication between the user wallet device and the PoS client.