The DD Form is used in ITSS to document the acceptance of a Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request (MIPR). The form is created from an accepted. DD Form , Acceptance of MIPR. Follow the procedures at PGI for use of DD Form [ 71 FR , July Subchapter H – CLAUSES AND FORMS Part – FORMS Subpart – Prescription of Forms Section – DD Form

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Enter code C if the action was a partial set-aside for small business When the contracting action is a modification to a letter contract that has not been definitized, enter code 1 in B13A.

Enter code S if the contracting action is a task or delivery order under a single award indefinite delivery contract. B Enter one of the following codes if Block C8 is coded “N. Please note that if you change the Obligation Type at the header level to Both, this will not necessarily cascade down to the line level. This subsection contains instructions on completion of the DD Form Enter date that the DD Form Report is submitted.

Enter total number and dollar value of contracting actions with women-owned small businesses see FAR Enter the specific authority that is cited for making the dc. If the CAGE code is not already available in the contracting office and the apparent awardee does not respond to the provision at Normally, a contracting officer will request an accounting system review when soliciting and awarding cost-reimbursement or incentive type for, or contracts which provide for progress payments based on costs or on a percentage or stage of completion.

Include a complete with area code commercial telephone number to facilitate any follow-up actions. The page that displays when you select the View MIPR History action shows you the action and action date along with the office address and contact details of the sender. F Code F – Termination for Convenience. Enter that in Block B6A. In some cases, use a 4-character code from a list of 4-character codes; in other cases, construct a code using the instructions in the Manual.

Oracle Contract Lifecycle Management for Public Sector iProcurement User Guide

C With another Federal agency or Government corporation, e. If the contractor does not have a parent company or the parent company meets the exemption for Block B5F, leave Block B5G blank. Otherwise, leave D3 blank. Enter code Y if the contract contains the clause at FAR If the net 44-2 is a decrease, enter a minus sign – immediately preceding the amount to indicate a credit entry. Use 01 through 12 for January through December.

Procedures for making entries are prescribed by the respective departments. Otherwise, leave Block D2 blank.

Enter code 3A if the action was justified pursuant to FAR 6. It is not guaranteed to be accurate or up-to-date, though we do refresh the database weekly.

48 CFR – DD Form , Acceptance of MIPR. | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute

Enter code Z if the action was not synopsized due to some other reason. In the lower right or left-hand corner, enter the criticality designator code from FAR These funds are recorded in the form of a MIPR and sent fform the overseeing agency. This section is not foem to be completed when using an alternate structured approach Enter in each of the dollar ranges the total number and dollar value of contracting actions which used simplified acquisition procedures FAR Part It also helps agencies comply with the regulations for creating requisitions.

A-E and other factors A-G, check this factor.

Military Interdepartmental Purchase Requests (MIPR)

Enter for, C when the action pertains to an acquisition placed with a particular contractor to continue or augment a specific competed program when such placement was necessitated by prior acquisition decisions.

Otherwise, leave Block E1 blank. This includes actions placed directly with a foreign government that are not under international agreements see paragraph d 2 i B of this subsection. Otherwise an error message displays, telling you why the sending of the DD failed. Enter code 1C if the action was justified pursuant to FAR 6. Enter code 1B if the action was justified pursuant to FAR 6. Enter code dorm if the action was justified pursuant to FAR 6.

You can complete a requisition that has a status of Incomplete. Select Cancel Requisition to cancel a requisition and the Cancel Requisition: H Code H – Exercise of an Option. If you attempt to cancel an Incomplete requisition, an error message will display.