From a rising young economist, an examination of innovation and success, and where to find them in America. An unprecedented redistribution of jobs. Enrico Moretti’s groundbreaking research shows that you don’t have to the challenge of the century, and The New Geography of Jobs lights. Enrico Moretti’s The New Geography of Jobs makes the essential case in support of individual mobility, and for doing so is easily the most.

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I do think big public works programs can do a lot to jump start recoveries in some of these cities. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Should stick with what you know. As one of the people with only a high school diploma living in an area where there are a lot of people who are college educated, who is getting paid better than most college educated folk in other parts of the country, this I was an economics major so I’m familiar with this term.

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Unfortunately the magnitudes don’t necessarily add up so therein lies part of the problem but the point is that the nature of where the US has a comparative advantage is changing and the areas of job growth vs decline are structural. All of this is because of a thing called agglomeration that occurs in innovative areas from such seemingly random events as Bill Gates locating Microsoft near Seattle, where he grew up instead of Albuquerque.

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Dec 03, Dorotea rated it geovraphy was amazing Shelves: Everything will be mass produced, unless it is high-end specialties for well paid innovation workers. A welcome contribution from a newcomer who provides both a different view and balance in addressing one of the country’s more profound problems.

Overall, most of the conclusions make intuitive sense, but they were too simple and ignored the many forces that factor into American and global income inequality.

Enrico Moretti, professor of economics at UC Berkeley, describes how developments in the US economy have contributed to the evolution or devolution of urban centers all o I picked up this book a couple years ago because I was tired of reading periodicals constantly trying to incite American class warfare.

The jobs range from yoga instructors to restaurant owners. I can’t get over how absolutely fantastic this book was. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. The New Geography of Jobs p. If you want to understand the jons forces shaping the modern economy, read this book. Moretti raises his concerns about “The Great Divergence,” his term for the fact that people’s incomes, educational attainment, and even health are better in prosperous cities than in those that are falling behind.

Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. I highly recommend this book to those interested in job geography for Uobs research, analysis, and non-obvious conclusions about factors that encourage job growth in specific locations. See all reviews. His entire argument can be found in chapter four. I was blown away by the economic analysis and synthesizing of policy ideas in this enlightening book.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Although perhaps outside the scope of this book, I was very troubled with how he seemed to gloss over the social and racial aspects of the growing educational and income inequality he observes, and how segregation and gentrification factor into these geographic trends. Most importantly, he knows his subject well and he’s talking about something that is shaping our future more than we realize.

The New Geography of Jobs

San Francisco and Detroit. Moretti’s factors include an important mesh of seed companies, early but not continuing public investment, strong universities, and good lifestyles.

I think he’s much too pessimistic at the end enrioc possible so This book is excellent and a must-read for anyone in policy or who thinks about inequality.

Gates and Allen wanted to move back there because that’s where their from.

But today there are three Americas. By why is geography important, especially in the miretti of the Internet, when it is easy to connect with people from all over the world instantaneously? He also demonstrates how reactionary policies in both business and government can determine the rise or fall of American cities.

Carpenters, taxi-drivers, teachers, nurses, and other local service jobs are created at a ratio of five-to-one yeography the brain hubs, raising salaries and standard of living for all. From a rising young economist, an examination of innovation and success, and where to find them in America.

San Francisco resisted the youth of Hait Ashburry, the gay and lesbian revolution, and at times the Google high tech world that has found a home in this great city. It is depressing and exhilarating with winners and losers. Moretti says America’s rising inequality is a huge, pressing problem.

His first-rate research, combined with his ability to make information visceral through storytelling, make this an engaging work that never loses sight o UC Berkeley professor of economics Enrico Moretti, in “The New Geography of Jobs,” creates a wonderful complement to Richard Florida’s books e. Real data and science that lead to obvious conclusions in regards to what you should do to be economically successful and what needs to happen in political policy that will clearly benefit geogrwphy whole Ameri Absolutely fantastic.

Wendell Berry would be an interesting counterpoint to this book. Why are there no jobs in the middle of the country, or for less educated workers? This book makes a strong case that my success isn’t due so much to my innate brilliance as my attraction towards intelligence. At geograhy extreme are the brain hubs—cities like San Francisco, Boston, and Durham—with workers who are among the most productive, creative, and best paid on the planet.

How many chapters are there?

The New Geography of Jobs – Enrico Moretti – Google Books

The economy is becoming service based and offshoring of manufacturing is the norm as production migrates to where labor is cheaper. The author discusses the economic consequences of the changes we are seeing and gives some th advice on how to address them. Jobs cluster around innovative centers.

Customers who bought this item also bought. At one extreme are the brain hubs cities like San Francisco, Boston, and Durham with workers who are among the most productive, creative, and best paid on the planet.