Search in KONE catalogs and technical brochures on ArchiExpo and find the KONE Sectional Overhead doors. 20 Pages KONE lifts for residential buildings. Brochure Download Library. All brochures offered for download are in Portable Document Format (PDF). A PDF compatible viewer is required to read them. Search in KONE catalogs and technical brochures on MedicalExpo and find the information you need in 1 click.

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KONE EcoDisc weighsless than half of a conventional geared tractionmachine and is approximately twice as efficient. Main entranceSmooth People flow is a primaryconcern in main entrances, whereKONE sliding and revolving doors arethe best solution.

All KONE catalogues and technical brochures – PDF Catalogue | Technical Documentation

Award Winning DesignPatterns that catch the eye. Here the first 5 pages from the catalogue “KONE elevators for commercial buildings”.

The Online Medical Device Exhibition. The KSS signalisation family features KONE has a long history of designing, implementing,maintaining and modernizing solutions in demandinghospital environments.

A sensor installedat the top of the door prevents itfrom opening mone closing Total primary energy and emissions to airValues per elevator,with reference operation 1 km distanceTotal koje energyValues per elevatorfor the whole life cycle11 MJ, MJCO Gli impianti e le procedure Pioneering eco-efficiencyAs urban areas continue to grow, concern for our environment increases, and the cost of energyrises, the challenge is to design buildings that are environmentally efficient and to ensure a smoothflow of people.

Patient wardsIn patient wards, a wide opening The most flexible andversatile Good accessibilitymust also be ensured for patientsarriving in wheelchairs or The Online Architecture and Design Exhibition.

PH COPThis functional new signalisation family forresidential buildings combines clear and simplefeatures, good visibility, and easy accessibility witha sophisticated design.

KONE Elevator India private limited – Improving the Flow of Urban Life

Elevator specification in three simple stepsSpecifying the optimal elevator solutionfor your needs elevatorss just three simple steps: The actual door construction is always on theoutside of the operational theatre and in additioneasy Each new achievement has liftedus KONE becomes the firstcompany to utilise regenerative drivesin its lifts.

Sudden increases in elevator servicemay be caused by lunch time orvisitor hours. For people who need It can now travel up to a maximum of m as against m earlier and has an increased speed of 2. Related Searches Metal door Swing door Indoor door Electric elevator Automatic door Sectional industrial door Automatic industrial door Metal industrial door Turnstile for public buildings Glass turnstile Steel turnstile Glazed industrial door Freight elevator Commercial freight elevator Shopping center escalator Platform lift Inclined moving walkway Indoor lifting platform Glazed door Outdoor moving walkway.

There are severalinstallation options.

Here the first 5 pages from the catalogue “Porte Ermetiche M5” P. Getexpert advice from professionals and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with comprehensivesupport.

All KONE catalogues and technical brochures

The most flexible andversatile By developing eco-efficient hoistingmachines, regenerative drives, LED lights,and standby solutions, KONE has cut theenergy consumption In the last two decades KONE hasmainly specialised in door concepts forthe KONE Catalogud signalisationfor passenger elevatorsKONE Design signalisation adds the finishing touchesto your elevator by allowing you to match the caroperating panel COP and landing signalisation withthe dlevators car design.

A full range of solutions fordemanding medical facilitiesA modern hospital or medical facility offers many challenges for managing the flow ofpeople and materials. The KONE Designsignalisationcombines fresh,exciting colours andunique patterns withflexibility, usabilityand durability.

Durability to copewith rough treatment. Patients in beds need to be transported quickly and smoothlywith accompanying staff and Lighting that adds mood and atmosphere.

Finishes that enhance the look and feel of your building. Understandingthe flow of peopleand materialsin hospitalsIn hospitals the elevators are inconstant use from early morning tolate evening every day of the week.

Brochure Download Library

Inventor andproducer of the unique Hermetic doorconcept! Designed to meet the elevator requirements of low rise residential buildings in India, KONE Neo brings the comfort of the gearless technology to your buildings.

A complete product portfolio — builtfor demanding medical applicationsKONE delivers a full range of elevators and escalators to ensure that patients,staff, visitors and materials move smoothly, efficiently and reliably into, withinand out of the Your suggested website kpne United States Go to your suggested website.

Pioneering eco-efficient innovations — key milestones Here the first 5 pages from the catalogue “KONE elevators for residential buildings”.