LOS JARDINES SECRETOS DE MOGADOR. Link to: Several Reviews, Fragments of this Novel and Interviews with the Author. A Fragment of the Book. Los Jardines Secretos de Mogador – Segunda Espiral – Free download as PDF File .pdf) or view presentation slides online. Buy Los Jardines Secretos de Mogador by Alberto Ruy Sanchez (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on.

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En los labios del agua. He imagined that his garden would be burned secretoss the ground and that df gardener would be hanging from some branch.

Los Jardines Secretos de Mogador. A well-known legend in Mogador talks about the origin of the thuya groves which surround the city, and also mentions this craft of rough hands, forever scented by this wood.

Every day he reconfigured the plants and structures in his garden, arranging them in more obvious geometric patterns.

The king took the box in his hands, opened it, felt a burst of balsamic fragrance inundate his face, and smiled profusely. An arid reserve with chaotic mountains of wood ssecretos.

For nine years the gardener cultivated his garden with patience and success, achieving amazing results. In Spanish, Rights available in English En los labios del agua. He worked with the roots of the thuya tree, native to Mogador, making furniture and objects which amazed everyone.

And his happiness endured as long as the intense green of the leaves. They also chose a gardener. jardiens

Another day he chopped all the tree trunks, converting them into octagonal columns. A Fragment of the Book. Arz cedar is used in the public baths, the hammam, because it is not weakened or deformed by humidity and easily resists changes in temperature.

After searching far and wide, a man was found among the artisans of Mogador who seemed in his life and work to be a lover of perfection and nature.

The king nearly fainted upon seeing dde garden suddenly reduced to a heap of plants, half-uprooted and torn to shreds. Let me resuscitate in your dunes and anchor them with my roots. Nor does it let itself be attacked by plagues of insects as do other trees which like to be loved to the point they allow themselves to be consumed. The geometric pattern on which it is based is the precise design of the most beautiful garden in the world.

And just as it was told to me, I tell it again. The orchard gave them plenty to eat. As they walked together toward the closest of the twenty seven gates in the garden wall, the king spoke with amazement about the gardens he had seen on his journey. All of its proportions are exact. He realized his garden was far from perfect.

Los Jardines Secretos de Mogador = the Secret Gardens of the Mogador (English, Spanish, Paperback)

All of his efforts had paid off. For nine months there was no silence or rest inside the woven wall. Paradise must be like this. Its only imperfection occurs when it is rooted in the earth, because under its influence, it has the false impression of living on its own, out of control, and becomes deformed in strange and irreparable ways.

Los jardines secretos de Mogador: voces de tierra – Alberto Ruy S├ínchez – Google Books

It is a perfect object, the image not only of paradise, but also of God. But awakening lead only to disappointment. The Magazine edited by ARS. But they also say that after a few months, from the little mound of ashes sprouted a beautiful and noble plant.

The gardener was fine and was taking care of the jarxines with his usual enthusiasm, like someone possessed by the life of his plants. Thus he blocked it off from the view of the scandalized courtesans. And so, while he continued to enjoy his previous qualities, the new gardener became possessed by three great passions: In spite of all the efforts made by others, not even the most marvelous garden I have seen comes remotely close to ours.

The main frame had dw be made of cedar from the Atlas mountains, or mogaxor, because it is the only wood which takes many years, sometimes centuries, to understand that it has been cut, that it has been separated from its mother and has been given freedom.

Los Jardines Secretos de Mogador = the Secret Gardens of the Mogador

Not an Atlas cedar, an arz, as they expected in the court, but rather a Mogadorian thuya, like those surrounding the city to the northwest, anchored in the dunes which used to invade the city with certain winds.

This marquetry box is, my king, the enhanced synthesis of your garden. Some swore that everyone had committed suicide, or that they had given up their bodies as fertilizer for the plants, or that the crazed gardener had buried everything, convinced that the trees would grow in the opposite direction–downward.

The white-tailed deer and the striped rabbits, which had made the place famous, also disappeared because of the nutritional needs of that small battalion of gardeners who took turns working day and night. That spring his happiness was mogaor deep-rooted as the splendor of his garden throughout the summer.

He welcomed the king back and while he greeted him, his excitement grew proportionately until he could wait no longer and said that he had a surprise for him, that at last his garden was perfect. After presiding over an immense public celebration for his return, the king summoned the geometric gardener.