Tamas [Bhisham Sahni] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Tamas is a book by Bhisham Sahni that depicts the communal violence that took . The events described in Tamas are based on true accounts of the riots of that Sahni Tamas. Front Cover. Bhisham Sahni. Penguin Books India, Tamas by Bhisham Sahni is a novel about the riots in Pakistan preceding the Partition of India. Based on Sahni’s first-hand experience, Tamas (Hindi for.

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तमस [Tamas] by Bhisham Sahni

Jul 08, Nishant rated it it was amazing. But, that’s exactly what ma This book is deservedly one of the greatest in Hindi literature. The events described in Tamas are based on true accounts of the riots of that Sahni was a witness sani in Rawalpindi, and this new and sensitive translation by the author himself resurrects chilling memories of the consequences of communalism which are of immense relevance even today.

I have never been so relieved to finish a book. He was the younger brother of the noted Hindi film actor, Balraj Sahni. Films directed by Govind Nihalani.

Tamas Summary and Study Guide

Tamas was my first Hindi novel. Tamas presents a snapshot of a violent and fractured period in Indian history and, through fictionalization, allows the reader to inhabit the minds of those who perpetrated and suffered through its worst crimes. Tamas won the Sahitya Akademi Award for literature and was later made into a television film in by Govind Nihalani. Finally managed to lay my hands on it on my recent vacation and glad I didn’t read this bhizham parts.

Refresh and try again. In the end, one is left as disturbed as Nathu who bears the guilt of the crime he committed unknowingly that eventually initiated the riot.

Reading books about Partition has never been easy. Inthe Indian neo-realist filmmaker Govind Nihalani turned Tamas into a landmark television film. I also know a thing or two. I do not think it is a very good piece of literature, but Tamas should be read and studied by anyone who wants to explore a perspective on the partition other than a British one.

Tamas is a disturbing book. In retaliation, a cow is slaughtered and the city, already full of tension surrounding the forthcoming Partition b, erupts into rioting and murder. It is bhihsam people who lose everything and yet remain human; it is also bby people who will give up all they have—their faith, their families, everything—just to stay alive.

Sahni is survived by his son Varun and daughter Kalpana. Written in the mid 70’s, based on a time period which is like a few months before of India’s independence and subsequent partition, the way story progresses for a poignantly open ending, it just tsmas like someone removed the rug below my feet. The book takes you through some of the worst faces of humans, and of course, in that process, brings out some raw emotions.

The ‘simplicity’ bhhisham his work comes from hard layers of experience, which distinguish and separate it from other works of ‘simplified realism.

Each of his stories seemed to bring something sudden from newer directions, which was as new for him as it was unexpected for us. The second half of the novel introduces aged Sikh couple Harnam and Banto Singh. Retrieved on 6 November Tamas also explores the horrible politics of those times and events of a freedom struggle.

Little did he know that the same pig would be used for the act of blasphemy by keeping it on the stairs of a Mosque.

The story is based on the true events of riots of India-Pakistan partition in to which the author was himself the witness.

Obituary: Bhisham Sahni | Books | The Guardian

Looking forward to it. Nathu declines saying he has never killed a pig before and doesn’t have the necessary skill for it, offering instead to tan the hide if required provided the people from the piggery kill it. I had huge expectations from book, but I only has passable feeling. Laksmi Narayan’s, Tsmas Baksh’s duplicity stands true to every single extremist in the society. Rather than following a single person’s fate during the riots, as Train to Pakistan did, Tamas takes a bird’s-eye view of the communal tensions raging through India, and how they were inextricably mingled with politics, economics and lies, not just on the part of the British who followed the policy of divide-and-rule, but also on the part of both communities.

Views Read Edit View history. Amritsar Aa Gaya Hai ‘We have reached Amritsar’ is one such exceptional work where Bhisham gets away from the external reality and points to the bloody fissures etched on people’s psyche.

Enraged Muslims massacre scores of Hindus and Sikhs, who, in turn, kill every Muslim they can find. While returning home in the evening he sees the thekedar in the street.

Translated by the author ‘ Tamas drove the point home that ordinary people want to live in peace’ The Guardian Set in a small-town frontier province injust before Partition, Tamas tells the story of a sweeper named Nathu who is bribed and deceived by a local Muslim politician to kill a pig, ostensibly for a veterinarian.

Sahni who had seen Nihalani’s Aakrosh was confident that the latter could make a film based on his novel. There was no need to ask a general bby if he had read this or that writing by Bhisham.

The protagonist is the riot itself. Richard, the British official Deputy Commissioner calls for a tmaas of the Congress committee and leaders of the religious communities. Srinivasa IyengarK. Lists with This Book. A must read for anyone who wants to delve deep into the concept of recurring religious “intolerance” in India since ages.