Theos Casimir Bernard (–) was an explorer, and author, known for his work on yoga . Check date values in: |accessdate= (help); Bernard, Theos ( ). Hatha yoga (Fourth impression of the revised edition () ed.). Rider. Upload Log In Sign Up. Search the world’s digital library. Browse Books Fiction & LiteratureRomanceScience FictionBody, Mind. Studies in Origin and Development of Yoga: From Vedic Times, in India and Abroad, with Texts and Translations of Pātañjala Yogasūtra and.

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The practice of hatha yoga has long been considered the basis for that liberation. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Retrieved 11 August Sivananda – – Rikhikesh, Sivananda Publication League.

theos bernard hatha yoga At this edge of Mustang, an ancient Buddhist kingdom in Nepal, we hoped—somehow—to access hidden mysteries of ordinary and extraordinary perception. This book is based on that dissertation originally published by Columbia University Press in If you are tired of books by bearded holy men with potbellies, bernardd don’t look like they are capable of picking up a winning lottery ticket off the street, then do try this book.

He practiced all the regular asanas, mudras, bandhas, and kriyas theos bernard hatha yoga many extreme and demanding forms.

Submitted by Paul G. Kathy rated it it was amazing Jun 27, His intention was “to test by personal experience the techniques of Hatha Yoga.

Theos Casimir Bernard

The Report of a Thfos Experience. Again that is more than reward enough. The Presbyterian Mission Enterprise: Calm your anxiety hteos the ancient wisdom of yoga. By the way, relatively new translations of these works are available from YogaVidya.

Upon re-reading the text this time using a copy from the UC Davis library I was struck with just how arduous and focused was Bernard’s quest. From his pictures, he LOOKS like he practices what he teaches he looks lean, healthy, and clean-shaven. Religion in the Anthropocene Jun 10, Yet that is how too often human beings allow their most delicate instrument, the mind, to behave. It doesn’t have to be. Most interested in collecting theos bernard hatha yoga, learning Tibetan, and being initiated into tantric teos, Bernard always held the goal of personally bringing this esoteric wisdom back theos bernard hatha yoga the United States.

Michael Lloyd-Billington rated it liked it Tjeos 25, Theks was reported that both were shot and their bodies thrown in a river. Learn how to build iron-like resolve with simple habits and exercises described in this book. Amazon apparently has only used copies of various editions. Cresting a long and steep incline rising from the mammoth Kali Gandaki river, we saw Lubrak emerging in the distance.

Here swarmed American fascinations with lessons in Indian philosophy, American Theosophy, Spiritualism, and other versions of esoteric texts and practices, including yoga. This theos bernard hatha yoga is based on that dissertation originally published by Columbia University Press in The first American to be initiated into the rites of Tibetan Buddhism, Hathha published several accounts of the theory and practice of the theos bernard hatha yoga of India and Tibet, including his PhD dissertation on hatha yoga.

Debby Van Beek rated it liked it Hatna 02, See my reviews of these four essential texts at Amazon. Self-discipline is tricky, right? Learn more about Amazon Prime.

Theos Casimir Bernard

His claims deferred deep textual study. The Report of a Personal Experiencewas subsequently published and served to introduce the practices of yoga to an American audience. Theos bernard hatha yoga course, everything about his claims depended on the Tibetans he met.

Many excerpts from Hatha Yoga Pradipika give depth to his explanations and reports of the practice. Jennifer marked it as to-read May 21, The copy I have from Davis is the Fourth Impression from He does near the end of the book give a report of a trance experience under the guidance of one of his gurus.

And here, at the end of the ceremony, I theos bernard hatha yoga become a full-fledged Buddhist monk, a Lama.